We Need Contractor Partners

Modular and panelized construction requires collaboration with local contractors at the home site and with the Express Modular team to deliver a quality custom home to our mutual client. As a nationwide custom home builder that utilizes modular construction, we need a group of stable and experienced contractor partners to support our clients everywhere across the country.

We are an innovative construction company that chooses to work with only the best local contractors to give our team the edge as we compete and succeed in today’s building marketplace. We believe so strongly in the strength, flexibility, and performance of modular and panelized construction that we won’t compromise when it comes to delivering the absolute best custom home to our client.

Why Modular?

Each one of our custom homes are built indoors away from the negative effects of weather. By using stable jigs and consistent processes, we can build to a controlled quality that just can’t be reached using conventional construction in the field. Moisture content, inferior materials, and energy efficiency are just a few of the items today’s demanding customer cares about. Mold, structural issues, and poor home performance are issues on the top of current home buyer’s minds. Modern Modular construction is the only way to meet their requirements when the old standards of conventional onsite construction just won’t measure up any longer.

Partner with Express Modular

Whether you are a Homebuilder/GC, remodeler, or a subcontractor let us drive new business to you and simultaneously expand your expertise in modern modular construction! If your experience lies in working with conventional construction but you have the skills and desire, we will train you to successfully utilize and implement this modern building method and virtually eliminate any learning curve.

We depend on our best Remodeler and Homebuilder/GC partners to join our Gold Key Builder program and enjoy the financial and professional benefits that working with Express Modular can provide. If you are ready to move to the next level of construction, continue to our Contractor Partner site to learn more about the opportunities that exist with Express Modular!

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