It’s About Fulfilling the Trusted Advisor Role

It’s a wonderful feeling when you can do something that enhances your relationship with your client. When your clients can see that your referral has led them onto safer ground where their objectives are being realized. That is what happens when you introduce Express Modular’s product line of additions and cottages found at to them.

Express Modular wants to partner with NAELA members who are premiere providers of legal advocacy, guidance, and services that enhances the lives of people with special needs and people as they age. Every day you probably work with clients that are struggling to determine how to get the care they need, avoid expensive nursing home care, protect their estate from the varying Medicaid rules, and who may be trying to find a way to protect and pass on their hard earned assets to their loved ones.

Get Express Modular Involved Right from the Start

Express Modular welcomes your partnership right from the start. If you have a client that needs assistance with the activities of daily living, but either doesn’t want to or can’t afford to move into a nursing home, we offer a great alternative. We are happy to discuss our options with your clients and their loved ones to explain how fast we can move to create the absolute best living environment for them allowing them to remain with a caring family member.

We are a national builder and we are able to offer our additions and cottages in practically every state in the country. There is an art to collaborating in solving your client’s challenges. We work jointly with you to further your clients, and their families, best interests using our better living solution.

Key Benefits of Working with Express Modular

  • Working with Express Modular allows you to be perceived as the “can do” advocate as opposed to the “can’t do” advisor. If you are involved early enough in the process, we jointly can help your client plan for a life estate in their child’s home/property in return for the cost of building the addition/cottage thereby enhancing estate planning options.
  • Working early with Express Modular lets us explore all of the options based on the caregiver’s property and allows us to determine the best solution to be delivered in the quickest timeframe
  • You are kept at the center of each phase, especially the transaction process. You are consulted throughout the process.
  • Learning how Express Modular delivers its product and provides it service makes your counsel and advice to other clients seeking solutions more insightful.

To learn more, contact Ken Semler 877-419-2525 or visit see our caregiver home enhancement solutions.